How to reduce switchtasking by minimizing your gathering points

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How many gathering points do you have right now? If you’re not sure what that even means, keep reading! You’ll thank me later.

Here are two quick definitions you’ll need to know first:

• Gathering point – a physical or digital space where anything unprocessed gathers. Some examples include notebooks, email inboxes, or a team messaging app like Slack.

• Unprocessed – unresolved; you haven’t decided the “what, when and/or where” questions yet.

The issue: the more gathering points you have, the more you’ll switchtask.

If you’ve followed me for a bit, you’ll know that switchtasking wreaks havoc on your productivity.

The solution: try to minimize your gathering points down to six or less.

Now for a little fun! Take a guess at how many gathering points you THINK you have at the moment. Please feel free to share your guess in the comments!

Then, I challenge you to watch the video below, and figure out the real number. It’s often a real eye-opener!


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