Productivity Tip: Maximize what makes you different.

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Stop trying to copy other people. Don’t be afraid to be different!

Learn from them, yes. But then put your own unique spin on things!

In the pursuit of reaching our goal, it’s natural to want to mimic the actions of those that have succeeded in the past.

While there’s nothing wrong with taking inspiration from others, the greatest success will come from accentuating what makes you different.

Create daily *unique* habits around makes you, well…you! That’s the fastest path to achieving your goals.

For example, let’s say your mentor listens to music while focusing on a project. Yet, you find music distracting, so you decide to eliminate that step from the system. Or maybe you listen to metal or country instead of classical…you get the idea.

So, take some time and think about the question: what makes you different?

Then, use the answer to create a customized system for success!



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