How to transition from the Culture of Now to the Culture of When

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Are you overwhelmed with constant interruptions from coworkers demanding your attention? The solution may be as simple as transitioning from the Culture of Now to the Culture of When.

I was recently interviewed by Dave Stachowiak on his podcast show, Coaching for Leaders. One of the topics we discussed is how today’s society is addicted to the Culture of Now. The expectation for an instant response perpetuates switchtasking…which reduces your productivity…and increases your levels of stress. I offered some advice on how to handle this effectively and wanted to share one of those tips from the interview with you:

You can change this mentality by creating a Culture of When with your team. Communicate clear expectations of “when” you will respond to an email, a phone call, or a question in general. Then, honor those commitments consistently. You’ll soon find that people become comfortable with waiting as long as they know “when” they’ll hear back from you.

How do you encourage the Culture of When?


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