Stay Away from These 3 Business System Mistakes

Fishing can be such a relaxing time, right? Boat? Check! Frosty beverages? Check! Fishing rod? Check!

Relaxing, that is, until the first time your line gets snagged in a rock. Fifteen minutes later you’re wrapped in 30 feet of monofilament with no other options than to cut yourself loose like an endangered Atlantic Sturgeon.

Convoluted, overwrought, and nebulous business systems are often the same way. That’s why this slice has solutions to the 3 most common causes of business system entanglement. Time for me to cut you free!

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Video transcript:

One of my job as a business coach is to help businesses create systems—processes or procedures of how things should be done.

However, often prior to me working with the business, they’ve already attempted this and the result is a bit like a tangled mess of fishing line. Yes, we could try to unravel it but it’s best to just cut the whole thing loose and start over.

So to help you avoid some of the most common mistakes, I’d like to share what I see with you.

  • Number one is that the systems are verbal. In other words, the business owner just said “You should do things this way”, expecting employees to remember it. We want to have documented written systems.
  • Number two, we’re trying to make the systems too perfect. There is no such thing as a perfect system, only the next draft. So just get something on paper and allow your employees to change it.
  • Number three, the systems are just too complex. Rather than writing a novel, focus on bullet points to help your employees remember what you trained them to do

So my question for you is which of these three mistakes have you made in your systems?

Also if you have a question you’d like me to answer, please ask that in the comments section below.

Thanks for watching and may you keep it simple.

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2 Archived Responses to “Stay Away from These 3 Business System Mistakes”

  1. Nick Webb says:

    Finally a question I “pass.” I think we are doing pretty good in this area, and no longer fall to any of these failures regularly. If there was one we do fall to, it would be relying on not documenting some processes right away, and thus relying on verbal for a time.

    • Dave Crenshaw says:

      Well done, Nick!

      That’s a great point about relying on verbal for too long. Perhaps the temptation is to think “well we don’t have this figured out yet” or even “we don’t know yet if we really need a full fledged system.” I believe, though, that by keeping systems simple, recognizing they’re imperfect and by delegating the responsibility of documenting systems to employees, one can push past these obstacles.