How to grab people’s attention using storytelling architecture

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“I feel like no one is paying attention to me. What am I doing wrong?”

We live in a fast-paced world with hundreds of bids for our attention every second. It’s more difficult than ever to get people to focus and listen to you. Whether it’s in a meeting, on social media, or even an ordinary conversation. So, how DO you get them to stop and listen to you?

I had an incredibly enlightening conversation with a colleague of mine, Simeon Quarrie. He is a master of storytelling and provides powerful insight into how we can best grab attention and keep it. You can apply his tip to every aspect of your career.

Simeon says it’s all in the beginning. Those first few seconds are crucial to getting someone to listen. From the first line of your caption, to the first few seconds of your video, what you say in the beginning makes a huge impact. You have to start off with something that makes them want to know what happens next. Try asking a question you know your audience struggles with as your opening sentence.

How do you get people’s attention?


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