How to give your best at your worst by pushing through

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How do you give your best when you feel your worst?

This was my struggle as a speaker recently.

Clint Salter invited me to speak at his phenomenal event in Las Vegas! (Look up the Dance Studio Owners Association. Amazing group!)

However I was struck by a nasty cold in the days leading up to an event in Las Vegas, and it turned into bronchitis.

My voice was raw and scratchy—not the kind of voice you want on stage!
I tried everything, from honey lemon tea to Vocal-eze, and nothing was working.
What did I end up doing? I visualized the number 10.
I told myself I’m going to deliver ten times the value expected from me.
In the end, I got a standing ovation. My focus on one positive thought worked!
My question for you: What do you do to deliver your best, even when you feel your worst? I’d love to hear some tips!

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