How to work on your business

Gearing up for a new year and a new way to do business isn’t as easy as it sounds. As an entrepreneur, you may wonder how to work on your business—not just in it—this year. Many of you asked me just that question.

Well I’m here to help with the first video in my ALL NEW super swift Small Business Slice series—no calories, no more than 90 seconds, no foolin’. Just click and enjoy!

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Video transcription:

One of the most popular videos I have had on my site was when I encouraged people to devote five hours a week to work on your business rather than in it. But the most common question was “What do I do during those five hours a week?”

The most important thing is to take action. Business owners are typically very hungry for knowledge. You read books, you attend seminars, you watch videos like this. But all of that knowledge sometimes gets lost in the shuffle of the day to day.

My clients that I work with have clear assignments that they work on during those five hours a week. You can do the same thing. Do something about what you’re learning. Take action notes.

When you hear an idea that’s great for your business, write a note with a big open check box that needs to be completed. Then during that five hours a week, complete those actions.

If you need ideas of what actions to take, you can certainly go to through my course on called Small Business Secrets. (Take advantage of a free trial here!)

I’d love for you to share in the comments section below. What do you do during those five hours a week when you work on your business?

Also if you’ve got a question that you’d like me to answer in a future video, ask that below as well. Thanks for watching. Now go work ON your business.

Join the conversation: What do you do during those five hours a week when you work on your business?

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6 Archived Responses to “How to work on your business”

  1. Great reminder Dave. Welcome Back. I really like to new feel of the videos.

    Because I am a knowledge worker, I use that time to convert the knowledge into tangible services. I write training materials, I develop new marketing channels, I take the ideas from books, etc and capture them into workable materials.

    • Dave Crenshaw says:

      These are all great uses of that work “ON” it time, Grant. Thanks for sharing. I’m sure it will inspire others.

  2. Angy Ford says:

    When I work on my business I’m improving systems. The best is when I improve a system I have always done to be so simple I can finally delegate it. That’s my favorite!! 🙂

    • Dave Crenshaw says:

      Great suggestion, Angy! I know you’re sick of hearing me say it, but for those who haven’t heard yet: “There’s NO SUCH THING as a perfect system.” So, if you don’t have systems, work on building them. And if you already have systems, work on evolving them.

  3. When I’m working “on” my business, it may be marketing, systems, or trying to determine the focus going forward. The latter is the hardest for me because I have so many possibilities! Great video, as always.

    • Dave Crenshaw says:

      Great suggestion. Just taking the time to think about what you’re going to say “no” to is a powerful action. Most entrepreneurs are too busy and keep saying yes to everything…which creates chaos.

      Thanks, Meggin!