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Time management is a painful word to most entrepreneurs and small business owners. But the second you start hiding from it, old Chaos Inc. will start inflicting real pain in your life and your business–with the force of a thousand Chuck Norris punches. Ouch.

Mastering the art of focusing your time is much more valuable than simply wishing you had more of it.

Help is here: I’m giving you a unique look inside my Time Management Training course on Lynda.com! Check out my lessons for making the most out of your day, then take advantage of this special access to more small business coaching!

It’s time to rip that bandage right off and get down to the nitty-gritty of time management!

The ultimate time wasting culprit? Multitasking, obviously. You’ll lose value in each task since you’re not giving it 100%. (Here’s a refresher for those of you who don’t know my disdain for multitasking!)

Focus on what you do best, and learn to delegate the rest. Avoid being chained to the little responsibilities by taking advantage of what got you here in the first place: your Most Valuable Position (MVP).

And keep an eye on that calendar—putting tasks off only costs you more in the long run. Which is another reason that you should learn to say “no!” whenever possible. Don’t clog up your calendar with unnecessary work!

What should you say yes to? My free Lynda.com offer, of course! Because who doesn’t love a good bonus?

I’d love to hear some of your time management tips, and I know you’ve got some really unique ones. Share with your fellow small business owners in the comments section below!

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