How to utilize social media productively in business

Social media is a double-edged sword in business.

The online platform that social media provides is incredible and extremely effective for marketing your business when used properly. It can also be a huge source of distraction if you get lured down a bottomless rabbit hole.

I’m in Carpinteria, CA filming a huge update for one of my courses, and I had the pleasure of meeting Melodie Tao. She’s an expert at all things social media marketing, and she was kind of enough to share a productivity tip to avoid spiraling out of control and losing track of time.

When leveraging social media for business purposes, follow these guidelines to stay productive:

✔️ Be intentional—have a strategy going into it.

✔️ Schedule social media time in advance and stick to your plan.

✔️ Save personal interactions and scrolling for your downtimes.

There’s no doubt that marketing to your audience online is essential for almost every organization. Over 42% of the world’s population uses social media with an average time of 2 hours and 22 minutes per day! On top of those insane statistics, 54% of consumers claim to use social media as their main tool for researching a product or service before buying.

Social media is a powerful tool for gaining awareness and sharing your message with your audience—just don’t let it distract you from your most valuable activities!

What’s your favorite social media platform for business? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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