Best Options for Small Business Marketing

We all know that marketing your small business is essential to getting results, but targeting that market is just as important. When done successfully, businesses are like sharpshooters on the History Channel: wielding their marketing weapons with precision, hitting their mark, and enjoying a quick return on investment. When done poorly? It’s like playing that blindfolded game of lawn darts during your 1977 family reunion…Sorry, Grandma.

If you’ve got 90 seconds, I’ve got some easy-to-follow tips for maximizing your small business marketing spending. It would go perfect with an un-impaled bowl of Aunt Cathy’s potato salad….

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Video transcription:

One of my viewers asked a question about where they should invest their marketing dollar

The two most important words in small business marketing are “Test It”. But where should we begin? What options usually get the best result so that we could be a little more strategic, rather than just throwing darts at a board?

First is reinvesting in your customers. Dollar for dollar, your best value is when you do extra nice things for your customers. That usually leads to referrals.

Number two is targeted social media advertising such as buying Facebook ads. This is particularly effective because we can measure precisely how powerful the advertising is.

Number three is investing in networking. This is where you join a group or an association and you spend your time getting to know people.

And number four is direct mail. This is a targeted mailer, to a targeted group, where we measure how effective each type of offer is.

Now, I’d like to ask you to respond in the comments section below—which marketing method has been most effective in your small business?

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Thanks for watching. Now go focus your marketing.

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