Why a quick question is destroying your productivity and focus

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“Can I ask you a quick question?”

Recently, I spoke to the incredible LinkedIn Learning team in Dublin, about the Myth of Multitasking. I talk about the “Dreaded Double Q,” and how it encourages the Culture of Vultures.

A vulture swoops about, waiting for an opening to drop in and take a bite of a dying animal. The same description applies to the “quick question.”

Another phrase I use more often to describe this scenario is the Culture of Now. We want our answer now and will do almost anything to get it. It causes interruptions and lost time throughout the day, as a result.

Instead, try implementing the “Culture of When” mindset by establishing recurring meetings with employees. I have “1:1 Huddles” scheduled every two weeks with my individual team members. It’s a one-on-one meeting. We use this time to ask all those “quick questions” at a scheduled time.

Most questions can wait until that time. Often, what we perceive as emergencies are really just impatiencies.

How do you handle the quick question interruptions in your day? I’d love to hear your ideas!

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