The Undaunted Entrepreneur, Kara Goldin – Founder of Hint Water

Discover the motivational story of how Kara Goldin turned her concern about her family’s health into a multi-million dollar beverage empire. Her story, which led to the creation of the number-one flavored water on the market, started in her kitchen. This episode will inspire you to take risks, live a healthier, more balanced life, and push through your self-doubt. After hearing Kara’s story, you’ll be encouraged to choose an action that inspires you today.

Action Principles


Pick one to do this week:

  1. Try something new. By exploring things outside of your comfort zone, you’ll open doors to new opportunities. ACTION: Sign up for a class today to learn a new skill, whether in-person or online.
  2. Create connections. Networking is a powerful way to build relationships.    ACTION: Reach out to someone you admire and start a conversation.
  3. Be undaunted. Persistence in pursuing your goal is vital to your success. Don’t give up easily! ACTION: If one method doesn’t work, stop and ask yourself, “What’s the next step to try?” and do it.
  4. Be consistent. Taking continual steps towards your goal will result in success. ACTION: Determine the first step required to reach your goal and schedule it on your calendar.


Guest Resources


Learn more about Kira Golden by following her on LinkedIn and subscribing to her podcast, The Kara Goldin Show.


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