The Anti-Hustle Founder, Laura Roeder – Founder of Meet Edgar

Discover the inspiring journey of Laura Roeder, who navigated the challenges of building and selling businesses, all while making time for family and adventure. Her determination, creativity, and ingenuity are key to her success as an entrepreneur. In this episode, you’ll learn how she built businesses designed to grow without constant involvement from the founder, as well as finding what comes naturally and delegating tasks. Listen to her story and choose which action serves you best today.


Action Principles 


Pick one to do this week


  1. Network with purpose. Network successfully by building relationships with people you naturally connect with rather than forcing one. ACTION: Go to an upcoming networking event and find someone you genuinely connect with to grow a natural connection.
  2. Identify your natural gifts. Figure out what comes naturally to you. You should highlight your strengths rather than dismissing them. ACTION: Take Discovering Your Strengths on LinkedIn Learning.
  3. Focus on your MVAs. For optimal productivity, spend the majority of your working hours on your most valuable activities. ACTION: Reserve larger blocks of time in your calendar to focus on your MVAs.
  4. Make work enjoyable. Look for small ways to make your work easier and more enjoyable. You’ll find yourself more focused and productive! ACTION: Think of something you can either delegate or change and ask to speak with your manager to discuss options.


Guest Resources


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