The Adventurous Author, John Strelecky – Bestselling Author & Speaker

Discover the remarkable journey of John Strelecky, a bestselling author and speaker who dared to quit his job and embark on a global adventure. His story, which has touched the lives of millions, is a testament to the power of reassessing goals and the transformative potential of life-changing experiences. This episode will inspire you to value persistence, gratitude, and the pursuit of your passions. After hearing John’s story, you’ll be encouraged to choose an action that resonates with you today.


Action Principles 


Pick one to do this week


  1. Study business. Whether it’s through a degree or self-taught, business skills are invaluable to your success. ACTION: Take a business course on LinkedIn Learning.
  2. Create your museum. An imaginary museum of your life is a great way to do a mental check on your life’s journey. ACTION: If your life were displayed in a museum, what is missing, and what can you do to fix it?
  3. Delegate. By delegating tasks to others, you can spend more time on your most valuable activities. ACTION: Pick one lower-value task and delegate it by outsourcing or automating it.
  4. Find your purpose. The secret to winning in life is spending more time doing what you love and fulfilling your purpose. ACTION: Read A Cafe at the Edge of the World and explore the question, “Why am I here?”


Guest Resources


Learn more about John Strelecky at You can also follow him on Instagram for daily inspiration.


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