The Adaptive Athlete, Carter Arey – Team USA athlete and Adaptive Golfer

Hear the story of how Carter Arey turned the obstacle of losing a leg into motivation and professional opportunity. His perseverance, natural athleticism, and positive mindset pushed him to overcome challenges throughout his career. In this episode, you’ll learn the rituals and techniques Carter used to succeed as an adaptive athlete and how he balanced a demanding schedule with his family life. Listen to his story and choose which action will serve you best today.


Action Principles 


Pick one to do this week


  1. Push yourself to be the best. Don’t get outworked by someone else simple because you’re not giving your maximum effort. ACTION: Ask yourself what you can change to be the best at what you do and do it. 
  2. Be adaptive. Things don’t always work out the way you planned it. Adapt to the situation without losing momentum. ACTION: Brainstorm solutions instead of giving up.
  3. Seek therapy. Support is a valuable tool, whether things are going bad or good. It can help guide you in the right direction. ACTION: Consider whether incorporating therapy into your routine would be helpful.
  4. Focus on nutrition. Your health affects your ability to be productive. Take care of your mind and body for optimal success. ACTION: Commit to enjoying one healthier meal per day to work towards a better nutritional diet. 


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