How to turn notes into action

Taking notes is good; taking ACTION is better! How many times have you listened to a great presentation, you get excited to do something new…and then you forget about it?

Let’s stop wasting these wonderful opportunities! The solution is to do what I encourage my audiences to do: take notes on ACTION ITEMS that come to mind during the conference—not on what I’m saying.

For example, when I talk about The Power of Having Fun, instead of writing what I say, attendees have written things like:

✔️ Schedule time with a family member to talk about taking a vacation.

✔️ Create a reminder to schedule small breaks into your workday.

✔️ Set up a time to celebrate a small victory you recently achieved.

The shorter the distance between you learning something and taking action on it, the more successful you will become.

Action is what gets results. That will ultimately lead you to the successful, happy life you desire.

What great idea popped into your mind just now? Write it down below and make it happen!

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