How to make a “Not-To-Do” list

Do you ever stop and realize you’re doing something that you know—deep down—isn’t the best use of your time?

Distractions, interruptions, and low-value activities are all around us, both at work and at home. Perhaps you find yourself veering off course because of something on your phone. Or maybe you’re watching League of Legends battles on Twitch and look up only to realize thirty minutes have passed.

Focusing our time on clients and customers is essential. So, what’s a useful method for staying on track?

Employing a to-do list is so 1975. Time to freshen things up with a more productive NOT-to-do list! What activities and habits consistently keep you from getting your result? Based on my previous work in the fields of productive leadership, here are a few examples of behaviors not to do:

1) Multitasking. The idea that multitasking is a way to increase productivity is a myth.

2) Having a meeting without a clear objective. Why have it at all if you’re not sure what it’s about?

3) Habitually checking email and attending to your inbox at all hours of the day.

4) Doing rather than teaching. Isn’t it better to show someone how to do something rather than do it for them?

Take a moment and make a list of your own Not-To-Dos. What would one of them be? Share in the comments!

Building a not-to-do list from Time Management Tips Weekly by Dave Crenshaw

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