How a “Perhaps List” keeps your great idea in focus

“That’s a great idea!”
A great idea is the seed of every successful business on Earth.
It can also be a very enticing distraction that breaks down your focus.
While at a speaking engagement in Las Vegas, I had the privilege of meeting Dakota Hanshew.
This young man, at only 23 years of age, is making his dream happen by starting his business, Brand Plus Agency. He’s becoming an SEO guru!
He and I met through an unusual source. Quora!
Dakota answered a question by recommending my course, Time Management Fundamentals, on LinkedIn Learning.
His favorite tip is the “Perhaps List.” A home for all those great ideas.
You revisit the Perhaps List on a recurring basis to decide which ideas to focus on now, discard altogether, or push off for another time.
It keeps you focused on what’s most valuable, while still respecting those brilliant thoughts.
How do you keep up with great ideas? Please share your tips!

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