Five Reasons Customers are Boss

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Recently, I worked with to develop a new series of courses designed to help you improve your career, job security and productivity. In the recently released course, Developing Your Business Savvy, I share why your understanding of your customers is absolutely critical to your career success.

In this brief sample video I lay out the five reasons customers are really the boss, and give you some ideas you can use to become more customer savvy.

Action Steps:

  1. Watch this video and ask yourself: “On a scale of 0-10, how well do I understand our customers?”
  2. The next time you hear a customer complain, see it as an opportunity for you to learn how you can serve them better.
  3. The next time a customer asks for help, see it as an opportunity for you to get more on the job training.
  4. Enroll in the free 7-Day trial of at
  5. Share your perspective or ask questions on this page.

Principles to Learn:

  1. Understanding your customers is perhaps the most important aspect of developing business savvy.
  2. The customer ultimately determines whether or not you have a job.
  3. There are five reasons why customers are so critical to your career and why you want to take time to understand them:
    • Customers equal employment
    • Customers equal a paycheck
    • Customers equal advancement
    • Customers equal education
    • Customers equal opportunities to serve
  4. Many people see the company as the source of their job security when in fact it’s really whether or not the customers keep coming back that creates security.
  5. Customers help furnish the money that you receive on a regular basis.
  6. Building strong relationships with customers is the fastest path for career advancement.
  7. Customers provide an opportunity for you to grow every time you interact.

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