How to write a better book

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Don’t write a book without watching this video first!

Writing a book is an enormous, and also rewarding, goal! It can be overwhelming to get started though.

I’d like to introduce you to David Moldawer. He was a New York publisher for over a decade specializing in business books, and now he is a writer helping experts build better books. How great is that!?

We met up while I was in Brooklyn recently (at a Whole Foods, thanks to the rainy weather!) and he shared some insightful tips for anyone considering becoming an author in the video below.

David suggests to start at the ending and work backward. It may sound odd, however, this helps you stay focused on the ultimate message.

On average, it takes about two years to write and publish a book, and another two years at minimum talking about the book and spreading the message. That’s a significant commitment!

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If you’re contemplating writing a book, what’s holding you back? Sometimes speaking it aloud is the first step!

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