How working long hours can be unproductive

Can “hard work” become unproductive? What do you think?

A strong work ethic is often a strength…until you work long hours to “get it all done,” no matter how long “it” takes.

Then it becomes a liability. This mentality misses an opportunity to uncover hidden productivity gains.

I recently spoke to over 1100 project managers for the NCPMI Chapter, and I’m presenting the keynote on “The Myth of Multitasking.” One of the tips I’ll cover tackles the inefficiency of endless workdays.

When you force yourself to work long hours, not only does your energy suffer, but you fail to improve your personal productivity processes.

You CAN work smarter. There is ALWAYS a way to improve efficiency. By constraining work hours, you are forced to find those improvements.

Try this:

☑️Set a firm start and stop time for your workday. Stick to it!

☑️When you start running out of time, ask, “What can I change in my systems to help me never fall behind again?”

☑️Make that change and test for two weeks.


☑️There IS an answer. Often it comes down to delegation, communication, and automation.

When is your finish line? What do you do to make sure you stick to that time? Comment below!