Why switchtasking is costing you hours of lost time

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What price are you paying for your switchtasking? The currency is time.

I recently spoke at an event for Abrigo about how multitasking disrupts growth.

Imagine this: you’re at your desk, focused on a project, when your phone rings. You stop and switch your focus to the conversation with a coworker. After that talk ends, you return back to your research, losing several minutes trying to get back into the mindset of where you left off. If you’re a Chaos Master like me, you may even end up tackling a completely different task and forgetting all about the research until much later.

Both scenarios equal to one major problem. You just lost valuable time. The worst part? This scenario tends to play out multiple times throughout a single day. This piles up to an average of forty lost hours per month!

Every time you bounce back and forth from one task to another, you’re paying the hefty price of lost hours. Then your boss throws a “new system” change at you on top of it? Yikes! However, change is inevitable. The best you can do is prepare yourself. Start by forming new, more productive habits now. Then, you’ll have more time to adjust to change when it comes around.

How do you avoid switchtasking while at work? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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