Why you need to stop switchtasking on people

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I’m in beautiful Puerto Rico, where I was invited to speak to the Food Industry Association Executives. I’m going to show you a clip from that in just a moment, so hang in there with me. First, I want to share an exercise with you, the same one I did at my speaking event here.

You can do this at your next company gathering. First, pair everyone up in sets of two. Next, have one person speak to the other about something they’re passionate about for 30 seconds while the other listens. Then, switch roles. Except this time, the person now listening will also be multitasking by looking at their phone while the other person talks. After the time is up, ask the person that was just talking how it felt to be switchtasked. Most will say things like, “disrespectful, annoying, frustrating,” and similar feelings. Some might even say “normal,” which is sad but often true.

Think about it this way. Would you ever tell someone, “Hello, I am ready to disrespect you now. How was your day?” Of course not, but you do, right? By picking up your phone as the person talks about their day—only half listening to what the person is saying to you. This is why it is so important to stop switchtasking on people. Show them that listening to them is the most important thing to you in that moment by giving them all your focus and undivided attention.

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