4 Shocking Mistakes of Small Business Websites: Are you missing out on sales?

For some small business owners, websites are a “necessary evil.” Agree with that sentiment? If so, you’re likely missing out on money bags full of sales revenue.

This misunderstanding of the value of a website is encouraged by your nemesis, Chaos Inc.! With all that high-tech noise, how do you ensure a great site while staying focused on your business?

Well, you start by watching this video of the four shocking mistakes of small business websites, of course! Then you’ll be able to make cash from all those inbound customers you’ve been neglecting!

Creating a small business website is tough, but invaluable.

Is your site so easy a smartphone user could navigate it? If not it’s time to wake up and realize just how often people shop, search, and stalk from their phones. This requires a responsive design, an obvious call to action, and quick access to contact info.

The call to action isn’t just for mobile users—it makes life easier for any visitor by letting you do the thinking for them.

Have at least one set-and-forget automatic update, especially on your home page. What’s the point of being online if you can’t be found on Google, or Bing, or…?

Your turn: What’s a mistake you’ve noticed in small business websites? Are there any issues you’ve had making your site work for you? Ask or help out your fellow entrepreneurs in the comments section below!

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