Why a regularly scheduled Oasis improves your productivity

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Make your hard work worth it NOW. Schedule an Oasis regularly!

Working towards a bright future is great. Yet, we need to reward our efforts now, as well.

When I spoke back in January at the Dance Studio Owners Association Retreat, I discussed my Oasis strategy.

What’s an Oasis? It’s a moment in time—a break—where you can step away from work. You do something enjoyable like taking a walk, watching Netflix, or my personal favorite, play video games. It doesn’t have to be a vacation to count. 15 minutes a day is the goal.

As Oasis is breaking away from the endless nothing I call the Desert. By doing this, you replenish the energy you need for the long haul.

The key is scheduling it and staying committed to your Oasis time. You can schedule daily, weekly and monthly Oases in your calendar.

What’s your favorite way to take a quick Oasis?

I’m very grateful for the ability to do virtual speaking engagements right now. That being said, I do miss being on stage helping people be more productive and focused. If you’re looking for a speaker to help you and your team become more efficient at time management, let me know! I have virtual presentations available and openings in the future when in-person events are allowed. Learn more at davecrenshaw.com/speaker.

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