How to prepare for vacation

Now’s the time of year when lots of folks head out on vacation, and it makes all the sense in the world. School’s out, the weather’s heating up, and as a recent study from Fortune reports, those who take their vacation days are more likely to advance in their careers.

Here’s how to lay the ground work for maximizing your vacation time:

First, block out the time well in advance. Some people think, “I should take a vacation this summer” but don’t ever put it on the calendar. You’re far more committed when you block out the time.

Second, move processing. I typically recommend people spend five hours a week on processing, which is the time you set aside for deciding “what, when, and where for tasks you accumulated during the week.

Third, schedule “power-down” time and “power-up” time. This means adding a little buffer before and after your vacation to make that transition back into work mode. Think of it like a space shuttle re-entering the Earth’s atmosphere-you’ll want to calculate ample re-entry time for sure!

Last, take a notepad, journal, or a phone with you on vacation. Our minds are more free and open when we’re on vacation, and you’ll want to have an outlet to jot down all these great ideas that are going to pop up.

So, when’s your next vacation? Try this system and see if it helps you feel more balanced and rested.

Preparing for vacations from Balancing Work and Life by Dave Crenshaw

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