How having more fun gets more done

Having a fun “Oasis Month?” Here’s some inspiration to keep the good times rolling: each week in July I am releasing a unique video that shares one principle from my upcoming book The Power of Having Fun (coming in September).

Watch the special, first video in the series here. In it, I share shocking statistics about the difference between those who have fun…and those who don’t.

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How fun is your workday? Now, before you answer, consider this:

Studies show that taking a little time to do something fun and relaxing at least 3 times per day can help you be more focused, creative, and healthy at work. Yet less than 10% of workers do so.

Those who use at least 11 vacation days per year, are more likely to get a raise and promoted at work, than those who take 10 or less. Yet 55% of Americans fail to use all their vacation days.

Children, when given more breaks for recess, are better able to pay attention in class, with fewer behavioral problems. Yet many schools are reducing or altogether removing recess.

Married couples that go on at least one date every week are 3 times more likely to report improved marital happiness, better communication, and better satisfaction in the bedroom—than those who don’t. Yet a mere 18% of couples go out even once per month.

And companies that place an emphasis on employees having FUN are more likely thought of as GREAT places to work. Yet few companies consider “having fun” a necessary part of their strategy.

The Power of Having Fun says “FUN” is a priority. It’s not something we GET to do when we earn it, for good behavior.  Rather, it’s something we MUST do to be more successful and productive.

Are you having enough fun in your workday? Join me, and let’s find out, as we experiment on The Power of Having of Fun!

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