Are You Irreplaceable?

Recently my publisher, Jossey-Bass, made an offer on my second book. They were the ones who published The Myth of Multitasking and we expect that the second book will probably be released in spring of 2010. So, I am very excited about it.

The book deals with one question. I want to give you a little sneak peek and also give you an opportunity to participate in the development of this book. The question is “Are You Irreplaceable?”

Conditioning for Success by Dave Crenshaw

One comment I hear from people occasionally is, “Dave, you must just have an incredible amount of discipline to be able to follow through with all this stuff.” My response I think surprises them a lot of times. I tell them that the reason why I stick to this program and the reason why the clients that I work with are still living it two to three years down the road isn’t because of discipline. It is because of conditioning.