The Sustainability Pioneer, Samata Pattinson – Fashion Designer and CEO of Black Pearl

Discover how Samata’s naturally curious nature led her to serving the world through creating eco-friendly fashion. Her creativity and desire to be brave helped her change the cultural perspective of sustainability in a positive way. In this episode you’ll hear how Samata combined her adventurous spirit with a creative touch to build an impressive career on the red carpet. Listen to her story and pick one action that will help you be more successful, too.

Action Principles 

Pick one to do this week:

  1. Create an incubator environment.  A great leader knows to create a safe environment to learn and explore new ideas. You can also create one for yourself. ACTION: Create a safe space and time to contemplate new ideas and make mistakes without judgment from others or yourself.
  2. Think like an entrepreneur. Learn to accomplish more with less resources. Get creative with solutions. ACTION: When solving a problem, ask yourself, “How can I solve this with what I have available right now?”
  3. Practice discernment. Consider purchases carefully and with thought before adding it to your cart. ACTION: Pause and reflect on your next purchase before buying it.
  4. Reflect on your younger self. Take time to contemplate what your younger self found meaning in and enjoyed. ACTION: Schedule time to think about the person you were when you were young and how that matches up to who you are today.

Guest Resources

Follow Samata Pattinson on LinkedIn or visit her website to learn more about her projects.

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