The Career Psychology Nerd, Scott Anthony Barlow – Author & Top Podcast Host

Learn how Scott Anthony Barlow turned his chaotic career path into a highly successful business and top-rated podcast show. Scott shares how he tested a multitude of different potential careers before discovering his entrepreneurial path. In this episode, you’ll hear how his unique habits helped him stand out from the crowd. Listen to his story and decide which action will help you succeed today.


Action Principles 


Pick one to do this week

  1. Find the strength in your weakness. In some cases, your weakness could be what sets you apart if you handle it right. ACTION: Consider one of your struggles and search for the strength in it. Think of a way to use it in your favor.
  2. Consider if a career change is needed. Sometimes a situation or job isn’t the right fit for you. Dreading going to work is a sign that a change may be in order. ACTION: Candidly consider if your current job is right for you. If not, create a plan to change positions at work or move to a different company.
  3. Pay attention to frequent requests. If others are continuously coming to you for help with a particular task, and you enjoy doing it, that could be a potential career path. ACTION: Consider if there’s something people keep asking you to do for them. Could you build a career or business around that?
  4. Craft your ideal work. Knowing what the ideal work situation is for you can help guide you in the right direction. ACTION: Spend time defining your ideal work environment in detail. Write it down!

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