The Refugee Turned Millionaire, Tahani Aburaneh

Find out how having a mindset of gratitude turned into millions in sales with Tahani Aburaneh. She started her journey in a refugee camp with nothing but her parent’s guidance and strong will to keep her motivated. Today, she will share how she went from having nothing to becoming one of Canada’s top real estate moguls and a self-made millionaire. Her story is an astounding testament to the power of gratitude and determination. In this episode, she shares how her parents instilled important character traits at an early age, how she turned obstacles into opportunities, and why she’s thankful for the many hardships she experienced in the past.



Pick ONE to do this week:

  1. Embrace the power of gratitude. Despite living in a refugee camp as a child, she never felt that she went without and was thankful for every day. She never let negativity stop her from progressing toward her goals. One action you could take: Start a daily gratitude journal.
  2. Maintain a hunger for knowledge. Continuous learning is the backbone of Tahani’s journey. She’s always looking for something new to learn! One action you could take: Read one new non-fiction book per month.
  3. Determination is the key to success. Keep asking! Every one-hundred noes mean you’re closer to a yes. Tahani explains her ideology and how her determination made her who she is today. One action you could take: Keep track of every no, and a short lesson on how you could improve for next time.
  4. “Just own it.” Hold yourself accountable for your actions and your life. One action you could take: Find a mentor that will help you stay accountable to your goal.


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If you’re interested in real estate investing, you should grab a copy of Tahani’s bestselling book, Real Estate Riches. You can also follow Tahani at her official website, or on Instagram: @tahaniinternational, for more real estate advice from the best in the industry!



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