The Kiwi Real Estate King, Marck de Lautour – CEO of SBD Housing Solutions

Hear the story of how Marck de Lautour’s pursuit of excellence in tennis led him to become a real estate mogul in Kansas City. Marck is originally from New Zealand, and he shared how moving to the United States on a tennis scholarship changed his life. In this episode, you’ll learn what led Marck to get started in real estate, why he decided to take the risk on his first flip, and how he built a highly successful business around it. Listen to his story and choose which action will help you pursue your goal today.


Action Principles 


Pick one to do this week


  1. Have dinner table conversations. As a family, the tradition of eating dinner together at the table teaches invaluable conversational skills. ACTION: Create a routine of sitting down with loved ones at dinner and having great conversations.
  2. Take calculated risks. Risks, when done carefully, can lead to great success. ACTION: Calculate the risks of a project you’ve been considering, and if it seems like the pros outweigh the cons, go for it.
  3. Surround yourself with successful people. The knowledge and motivation of being around those who have achieved great things in life are invaluable. ACTION: Invite someone you admire to lunch and strike up a conversation with them.
  4. Plan for financial well-being. Take responsibility for your finances and invest wisely. ACTION: Sit down with a financial advisor and educate yourself on which options fit your needs best, then take action on it.


Guest Resources


You can follow Marck de Lautour on LinkedIn or learn more about SBD Housing Solutions and how you can create wealth in real estate. 


Listen to Marck’s podcast show, Mistake FREE Real Estate, for tips on all things real estate related.

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