Bonus Episode: Values and Cause – The Crenshaw Family

Join my family in this special episode as we discuss the principles of values and cause. Together, my kids and I define what having values and supporting a cause means and why they’re both valuable components of the Result formula. 

We discuss how to determine our values and what they do to help us succeed in life. We also share a cause we support and why it cultivates a more meaningful life.


Action Principle:


  1. Define your values. Values define your core principles and guide your actions. If you’re unsure what your values are, look to a person you admire for inspiration. ACTION: Choose 3-7 values for yourself and write them down. 
  2. Support a cause. Finding an external purpose in your life is a powerful source of motivation. ACTION: Choose a charity that focuses on a cause you’re passionate about and pick a way to support it that fits your needs.


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How to Make Work More Meaningful


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