Why intentions matter when networking to build connections

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“I’m afraid to talk to people! I never know what to say.”

As a natural introvert, I understand the struggle of meeting new people and knowing what to say during the initial greeting. Thankfully, a college student taught me a powerful networking lesson during my visit to the Chelsea Market in New York City.

Ryan Deyoe came to NYC for a couple of reasons when he was struggling to find that dream job and one of those reasons was a game-changer: Networking! What better place for networking than the Big Apple. He took a job shining shoes because he saw it as a huge opportunity to meet new people.

His number one tip on networking is to be sincere in your desire to get to know the other person. While he and I chatted, I definitely got the vibe that he was genuinely interested in getting to know me and it worked! We had a wonderful conversation.

I highly recommend following Ryan Deyoe. If you’re looking for a civil and environmental engineer, then you have to check him out!

Thanks for that chat, Ryan! I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation.

Do you have any tips on networking? I’d love to hear it!