How To Motivate Your Employees to Keep Learning

Did your college diploma come with a free, lifetime supply of business acumen? Mine sure didn’t! Nobody enters the workforce knowing…well, much of anything! Luckily, you took the advice of your commencement speaker and committed to life-long learning.

As the “Dean” of your own business, you sincerely want to pass your wisdom on to your employees. Yet most employees have just one problem, and it can be summed up in 3 letters…“Meh.”

Employee apathy is the enemy of learning programs. That’s why the advice in this slice is about how to motivate employees to learn even when they think they’re “too cool for school”.

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Video transcript:

One of my business-coaching clients asked me to help him better motivate his employees to get involved in learning.

Many people, after they graduate, just give up. They feel like they’ve got the knowledge that they need to get the job. Yet scholarship is a lifetime process.

So, here are a few things that you can do as the entrepreneur to encourage that in your employees.

First of all, answer the WIFM question, “What’s in it for me?” Your employees don’t perhaps see the value in it. And so you’re going to have to show them how it helps them have a better life and a better career by talking about it regularly.

Number two is to establish a library. For instance, I have one client who set-up a bookshelf where he put free copies of books that employees could take home if they wanted to. Or I had another client who set-up a account for each of their employees.

And number three, make it fun. Perhaps have ways to reward people when they hit certain milestones in their learning.

I’d like you to share in the comments section below—how would you encourage continual learning within your business?

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Thanks for watching. Now go help your employees grow.

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