Why your “Most Valuable Activities” help you reduce switchtasking

“I feel like I’m running like a hamster on a wheel!”

I know I’ve felt that way before, and it’s not a great feeling. Typically, it’s due to an overwhelming amount of demands on your attention. You end up bouncing from one task to another throughout the day. The worst part is the lack of results to show for all that effort! It’s a frustrating symptom of switchtasking.

Take control with this simple tip: prioritize your “Most Valuable Activities” in your calendar. Your MVAs are the one or two tasks that hold the most value for you. For me, my MVAs are creating new content and delivering that content through speaking and training.

Schedule blocks of time for your MVAs first in your calendar. Delegate LVAs (lower value activities) to your team when possible. By leaving less room for options, you minimize the temptation to switchtask and improve your overall focus. The result is more disposable time and reaching your goals faster.

What’s one of your “Most Valuable Activities” that will have more room in your calendar going forward? Share with us below!

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