Why a 2% increase in productivity makes a huge difference

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“A 2% increase in productivity equals an entire work WEEK every single year!”

While I can finally say my home office is a “perfect productivity environment,” it hasn’t always been this way.

Small, consistent investments to improve the quality of your workspace will pay off in a big way.

Become a productivity environmentalist, and you can uncover a bonus free time!

How? Use your five senses to guide you:

  1. Sight—get quality lighting and remove visual distractions.
  2. Sound—use white noise or headphones to minimize distracting noises.
  3. Touch—create the best ergonomic setup you can.
  4. Smell—eliminate odd or distracting odors.
  5. Taste—keep healthy snacks and water close at hand.

When was the last time you invested a little time or money into your workspace?

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