How scheduling fun into your day improves productivity

“I’m working over eighty-hours a week, yet I’m still behind on my work!”

While consulting with a client on becoming more productive, I stumbled on to his hidden secret, which was costing him hours every week!

Now, this may upset some people, but I’ve found that if you’re working more than sixty hours a week …you’re simply not managing your time well. Let me share this particular client’s story as an example.

My client claimed he was working over 80 hours every week but wasn’t getting everything done! We poured over his calendar, and I quickly realized there was about 20 hours each week that was unaccounted for…a mystery.

That’s when I discovered that my client was wasting large amounts of time indulging in a secret world. He was extremely embarrassed at this revelation. His secret addiction? Watch the video to find out what it was and how we used it to give him back MORE time! 😉

How many hours do you work per week? Don’t be shy, let’s hear it!

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