How this one question will improve the value of your time

“How can I make YOUR job easier?”

I’m here in Carpentaria, California at the LinkedIn Learning studios (such a cool place by the way) working on a new course that touches on this very topic: Improve the value of your time!

One obvious way to increase your income is to take on more work, whether it be longer hours or a second job. While that’s possible, it’s rarely the best option, as there’s only so much time in a day and you’ll likely end up with burnout syndrome.

My recommendation is to improve the value of your time, which allows you to earn more while maintaining the same work hours. It’s the ideal scenario, yet many people aren’t sure how to do it.

💡 Start by asking your boss, co-worker, or even a customer this one question:

🤔 “What’s one thing I can do for you to make your job easier?” Ask it with sincerity and listen carefully to their response.

Then, make a commitment to do it, as long as it’s possible, of course. Why? Your perceived value increases by simply making things easier for others…by making them happier, you are worth even more!

What are ways you have increased the value of your time? I’d love to hear in the comments below.

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