How to say no to yourself and others (and stop dam failure)

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No, it’s not a typo. Too many of you are experiencing dam failure… your life is flooded with much more to do than your schedule can handle.

Feel like your life is overflowing and about to burst? In this 2.5 minute video, I share two tips to help CEOs and business owners protect their focus and stop dam failures.

Action Steps:

  1. Watch this video and assess yourself in how well you follow Dave Crenshaw’s “say no” tips.
  2. The next time you’re about to say “yes” to something, ask yourself, “Is now the right time to add this to my ‘reservoir’?”
  3. Share your perspective or ask questions on this page.

Principles to Learn:

  1. Say “Yes” to too many things and very soon you’ll either have to open the spillway to neglect other things, or you’ll experience “dam failure”.
  2. Saying “No” more often than you say “Yes” involves:
    • Saying “No” to others.
    • Saying “No” to yourself.
  3. To avoid saying yes to others too quickly, ask for a request through email. Email allows you to:
    • Review the request in a calm environment, away from social pressure.
    • View how much time you really have available in your calendar.
    • Craft a diplomatic “no” response, if necessary.
  4. When ideas come to mind, use a “perhaps list”.
    • A perhaps list is a running list of all ideas that you have.
    • Establish a schedule to review the list and decide when is the right time to add them on your schedule.