5 Tips to Avoid Virtual Assistant Disasters

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Entrepreneurs are quick to find out how much time is really required for day to day business needs. In fact, you’ve probably thought, “Maybe I should get one of those virtual assistant thingys to help tackle my workload…”

Although that can be effective, if done wrong, it can get really chaotic, really quickly.

Hiring a virtual assistant seems like the obvious answer, but oftentimes small business owners find themselves with more work than they began with. Avoid a potentially chaotic outcome with my five tips to avoid virtual assistant disasters…

Virtual assistants aren’t “virtual” at all—they’re real people! Keep in mind that it’s not software working for you; it’s a long-distance contractor working with you. And remember my 2/3 rule: 2/3 of their work should be automatic. Feeling like you have to oversee your, well, overseas employee will actually create more work for you.

Think of hiring a virtual assistant as an audition first and permanent solution second. Giving someone a paid test through a site like oDesk.com ensures they’re capable of handling your tasks in the way that you’d handle them yourself.

If you’re new to using an overseas employee, using recruiting sites like virtualstafffinder.com and onlinejobs.ph can help you quickly locate the best, most reliable virtual assistant candidates. Why the .ph? Because I’m a firm believer in hiring from the Philippines when it comes to filling these positions. Pinoys have proven time and again to be trustworthy, friendly, and overall excited to be working with American employers.

Do you have any additional tips and tricks to offer those entrepreneurs wanting to jump into the valuable world of virtual assistants? Let’s hear ‘em!

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