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In November I made you a promise. Did you miss it?

I told my social media followers that I would be giving them a new, free book in January. The book would outline the philosophy I’ve used for more than twenty years to coach leaders around the world.

Time to keep that promise. You can now get my new, full-length book, The Result, in PDF format for free at

Why give away something so valuable for free? It’s a big THANK YOU from me to you. My success comes when other people succeed. This book is a reward for your support and success so far.

The Result will move you beyond empty goal-setting toward fulfilling goal achievement.

The Result will help you target—and destroy—obstacles to your success.

The Result is a simple, yet comprehensive summary of the proven system successful people—all around the world—use to get what they want.

If you prefer Amazon Kindle, you can get it for a few bucks at However, this book means so much to me that I didn’t want something like money to get in the way. So, anyone, anywhere in the world, can download a free PDF of the full book at

Get it. Read it. Most importantly, USE IT to get your result!

Thank you.

Need more energy? Discover the best, most motivated version of yourself with Dave’s Result Formula and get your head back in the game. Download your free copy of The Result: A Practical, Proven Formula for Getting What You Want.
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