Why you’re losing forty hours of productive time each month

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How would you feel about losing 28% of your day, every day?

I talked about this as a speaker at the Kuali event back in February of this year.

It sounds like a small number…28%. How bad can it be? Well, if you work a forty-hour workweek, that equals ten valuable hours each week. In a single month, you’re giving up over FORTY hours of your time!


Because of common switchtasking culprits like these:

  1. Your phone ringing unexpectedly.
  2. hose unscheduled “quick questions.”
  3. The relentless ping of your email inbox.
  4. That text from a friend that just can’t wait.
  5. Random thoughts that clutter your mind.

What else would you add to the list of “Switchtasking culprits?” Is it worth the price?

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