The 5 Harvests of The Entrepreneur – A New Kind of Exit Strategy

Small business owners have the tendency to lose steam when they’re working toward their big goals. This lack of motivation is exactly what Chaos, Inc. needs to huff, and puff, and blow your whole exit strategy down.

Every entrepreneur needs what I call the five harvests. Think of these like Thanksgiving celebrations where you thank your hardest working employee: yourself.

Ready for me to pass the gravy? Then watch my latest video:

Ready to go from livin’ on a prayer to livin’ the dream? There are some clear milestones you’ll have to pass along the way.

First, you’ll need to define it. That “it” is the goal that will define your success as an entrepreneur.

Then, to keep motivated, you’ll need to reward yourself. By breaking down those rewards into bite-sized harvests, you’ll feel short-term and long-term motivation. Taking daily breaks to re-energize and participating in weekly hobbies brings back the F-word in your business: Fun.

Follow those small rewards up with a couple of bonuses. Try celebrating each month by acknowledging your accomplishments, and even giving yourself an annual dividend in the form of a shiny new toy or a week off with your family.

These small payoffs will keep you excited, refreshed, and driven to keep on working toward your ultimate exit strategy!

Bonus tip: One thing that motivates me is hearing from you. Nothing inspires me more than hearing the lessons you’ve learned along this windy road of entrepreneurship! Please share your thoughts below.

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8 Archived Responses to “The 5 Harvests of The Entrepreneur – A New Kind of Exit Strategy”

  1. Angy Ford says:

    My monthly harvest is getting a massage. Interesting to me is last month I got the massage mid day versus end of day and I really enjoyed it. I did go back to work feeling great and ready to produce. I think more “during the day” harvests would be beneficial to me especially on my longer days.

    • You said it, Angy. When Harvests are done right, they return far more to the business in terms of time and money than whatever time investment you made.

  2. Vickie Faber says:

    My daily harvest is to play the piano. I try very hard to find at least 1/2 hour each day.