Why Entrepreneurs Should Empower Employees

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Increasing the volume of your small business can feel a little like opening the floodgates to waves of chaos. Yet, when entrepreneurs become the regulator for all ideas and decisions, they build a bottleneck and keep business at bay.

That’s why today’s video is all about creating a focused funnel for increasing business and keeping chaos contained. All it takes is a little employee empowerment…

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Video transcription:

Almost all business owners want freedom from their business.

Yet simultaneously, they become the bottleneck to the business’s growth. They make all information, all decisions, everything pass through them.

They do this typically because they’re the best at everything. But it slows the business down.

In my book, The Focused Business, I talk about Jack-of-all-Trades. Jack wants you to devalue your business by becoming the bottleneck.

Alternatively, you can increase the value of your business by better delegating and empowering employees.

So, I’d like you to share in the comments section below what’s one thing that you’re going to delegate to one employee today?

Also, if you have any question you’d like me to answer in a future video, ask that below as well.

Thanks for watching. Now go delegate something.

Join the conversation: What’s one thing that you’re going to delegate to one employee today?

I respond to every question and comment. So, please, join the conversation!

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