Digital Detox: The Lifesaver We All Need

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Work can seem all-consuming. Think texts, voice-mails, emails, briefs, newsletters. They’re never ending! All that sensory pollution often makes insight seem like an endangered species.  Not good.

And like endangered species, your inspiration and motivation can be found in an important place: a sanctuary. Only difference? Wild-life sanctuaries should be poacher-free, yours should be tech-free.

Watch my short video to learn how digital detox can shift perspective and reignite inspiration. More importantly, learn where and when to use this valuable trick!

Action Steps:

  1. Create certain times and days of the week when you will abstain from technology—both personal and work-related.
  2. Comment below and tell us the best digital detox time for YOU.

Principles to Learn:

  1. Too much time with technology can hinder focus, enthusiasm, motivation, and inspiration.
  2. Digital detox provides a sanctuary when we can mill ideas, find inspiration, and ignore trivial interruption.
  3. Digital detox is often best spent with friends and family, two crucial elements of motivation and well-being.

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