5 Steps to Correcting Employee Mistakes

When it comes to running a small business, owners have a hard enough time managing themselves, let alone an employee. So when those inevitable mistakes happen, taking a focused approach guarantees Chaos Inc. doesn’t get a piece of your pie.

It’s easy to want to let those minor errors slip through the cracks. But allowing one too many can turn a crack into a pothole in this windy road of entrepreneurship.

So, it’s time to put the own back in small business owner, by handling these problems effectively. And the best way to do that is by heeding my five steps to correcting employee mistakes—your employees will thank you for it!

Letting even the smallest employee mistakes run amok can bruise your confidence and your business. So what’s a small business owner to do?

Take a proactive stance to correcting employee mistakes.

Be consistent with employee meetings that not only build trust, but also hold you, the owner, equally accountable. This kind of coaching relationship creates trust and makes future problems easier to solve.

Speaking of solving: come up with solutions—not accusations. Instead of pointing the finger, point your employee in the right direction to nix the mistake and boost morale. Then follow up on any and all issues to prove you care about fixing the problem.

What are some ways that you correct employee mistakes? Do you have any stories from a time you realized that cracking the whip isn’t all it’s cracked up to be? Yeah, I’m gonna need you to go ahead and share in the comments section below.


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