Are your Company Values Motivational?

Most entrepreneurs will tell you that motivating your employees is key to success. Yet all too often their motivational tool is reward or punishment, like: “bring in a boatload of money and I’ll foot the bill on a steak dinner.” Unless your employees are named Seabiscuit, carrots and sticks don’t really make for a highly motivated workforce.

Instead, take a quick 80 seconds out of your day to learn this shockingly simple tool for motivating your employees. Hopefully, I’ve motivated you to press the play button. I mean it is YouTube…who needs motivation to watch YouTube?

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Video transcription:

Business owners often want to have more motivated employees. But they often reach for things like profit sharing or company parties.

Really, if you want to have a motivated workforce, you want to have an alignment between what they want most and what your company does best. How you do that is by defining the values of your company.

The values are brief statements of why you do what it is that you do. It’s a word or phrase and then a brief definition afterward.

For instance, Zappos has a company value to create fun and a little bit of weirdness. And that’s reflected in the company culture.

One of the values of my business is to give first. And that’s how we’ve built our company—by giving first, like a video like this.

So I’d like you to share, in the comments section below, what’s one value that your company believes in and what’s its definition?

Also if you a question you’d like me to answer in a future video, ask that below as well.

Thanks for watching. Now please share your “why.”

Join the conversation: What’s one value that your company believes in and what’s its definition?

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