Why you need to communicate clear expectations for communication

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“I miss being able to walk down the hallway to ask my co-worker a question!”
Working from home can create obstacles when it comes to connecting and communicating with your co-workers. During a recent radio interview on WWL AM in New Orleans with host Newell Normand, we discussed how to set clear expectations to ease the transition.
In my course on LinkedIn Learning, Time Management: Working from Home, I talk about setting ground rules for communication.
The first step is having a conversation with your team about expectations on how you will use each communication channel.
For example: When do we use text vs. a phone call? How long is it appropriate to wait for a reply to an instant message?
Next, create a document with these ground rules and share them with your entire company.
You’ll eliminate the stress of co-workers feeling forgotten or ignored with this simple action.
What’s one thing you’re doing to improve communication while working from home?

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