How I went from Chaos Master to a time management expert

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How chaotic would you rate your average workday on a scale of 1-10? One is no chaos at all. Ten is a total mess—a flurry of jumping from texts to emails, to unproductive meetings, interruptions from coworkers and so on.

If you’re around a five or higher, I want you to know there IS hope! I used to be an ELEVEN about fifteen years ago, which is crazy to say as a guy that is considered a time management expert.

It’s true, but that’s why I am able to teach others how to go from a ten to a one!

I wish I could share one quick tip that is life-changing, but that’s just not realistic. What I can do is teach you proven strategies created by me—the reformed Chaos Master—that WILL change your life.

You will learn my time management system and how to apply it to your life in my course, Time Management Fundamentals at Now, take a deep breath—you’ve got this!

Just winging it? Foolproof businesses need foolproof business systems. Dave can show you how to develop your systems to help you manage the chaos of modern worklife. Effective business systems are one click away when you download this free copy of Dave’s newest book, The Result: A Practical, Proven Formula for Getting What You Want.
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